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But even though Netflix is now in SA, the content is really limited. Since the Netflix SA launch there has been lots of media comparing Netflix with ShowMax and others , however none of them really go into any detail, and the actual data they have seems pretty inaccurate. Some interesting observations about the image above:. That being said, if they don't kill you by darting out in front of your car at nighttime, these are one of the few things on the list that you can actually kill back. You know who you are. Ignoring the warnings to stay only on dry land when visiting the nearest blowhole, you decide to raise the stakes because you just have to see inside there.

See a Problem?

One step closer won't hurt. Alright, one more. There aren't any waves right now. Maybe just a little bit closer. One more step. A wave with the fury of a small tornado takes up residence in the blow hole, only it doesn't want to just take the water back down with it. It wants you, too. But seriously. Don't play chicken with a blow hole. A number of visitors die each decade from doing this. You know that friend that hasn't been on a real vacation in 20 years and has finally decided to treat themselves to a trip to Hawaii? They're the ones stealing drink tickets from strangers on your sunset cocktail cruise, buying multiple rounds of tropical-colored shots that nobody really wants to drink and filling up water bottles of sangria for their afternoon snorkel tour.

Don't get on their level. It might just kill you. You've decided to celebrate the fact that you're in tropical Hawaiian paradise by posing for a standard beach portrait, backed by turquoise waves, golden sand and sun. You strike a pose in your most flattering swimsuit stance, flash a smile and friendly shaka and wait for your friend to snap the perfect photo when BAM! A wave hits you directly in the head, back and legs, knocking you down with a quickness and placing your face not-so-gingerly into a pile of beautiful golden sand, twirling you in a dance of salt and surprise all while rearranging your bathing suit into ways you hadn't even considered.

You manage to stand up, compose yourself and ditch the beach portrait idea when you hear the lifeguard shout, "Be Careful of Dangerous Shore Break. See those seemingly sturdy vines hanging over that gorgeous waterfall in the rainforest? Do not pull a Tarzan and attempt to swing on them. It will most assuredly not go as planned, especially if you accidentally let go over said waterfall or the vine decides to snap. Also, it may seem cool to drive like Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig in your rented convertible, but there's nothing about accidentally driving off the side of a cliff.

It's cool to spin fire.

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We get it. What's not cool is thinking you can do it after 7 YouTube videos and a luau.

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Take off those mai tai goggles and leave fire spinning up to the people who know how to spin fire safely. Nobody wants to watch you catch yourself on fire, brah. Trust me. You know all those beautiful rainbows in Hawaii? They don't come without their fair share of consequences. Too much upward staring at blissful lines of arced color, as it turns out, can cause a permanent strain on your neck, also known as Rainbow Neck.

Oahu's Hidden Treasures (Lola's Travelogue) Ep. 4

The next time the rain even thinks about bowing out, ask yourself whether it's really worth it. Rainbow Neck shows no mercy. You love cliffs and you love diving, so why not combine the two, right? Well, because much like drinking and dancing, two awesome things don't always mix well. Maui's Black Rock in Ka'anapali is a popular spot for cliff diving, but beware that changing tides, empty streams and rushing currents can move debris underwater easily. So while it may look like you're diving into the most awesome salt water pool in the world, that rock or scuba diver or branch may decide to lodge itself directly under you with no warning.

Sure, 15 year-olds may make it look easy, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

We suggest the traditional way of flight… you know, inside the plane. Weather conditions can change drastically on Maui within a matter of minutes. While it may be dry, hot and windy in Kihei, it could easily be pouring and freezing on the top of Haleakala.

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When visiting freshwater streams, waterfalls, natural pools and rivers, make sure to heed warnings of flash floods. Trust me, that's one water slide you'll be glad you skipped. Mmm, cereal! Mmm, bacon!


Mmm, WHAT?! Since Hawaii, that's when. We are the most isolated population center on Earth, which means that dang bag of tortilla chips had to swim a long way to get directly to your salsa. And to make it worse, you may do the math and realize that at least half of the cost of shipping went to air in the bag. Try your best not to have a heart attack in the grocery store. There's a reason they sell value packs of ramen at Costco. If you plan on visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii's Big Island, remember to take the proper precautions when viewing lava, like wearing closed-toe shoes, following the directions of Park Rangers, not walking on the shelf of rock closest to the ocean and packing plenty of water and a good flashlight.

Nothing ruins a vacation more than hot lava to the foot or face. Along with being one of the happiest states in the country, we also suffer from the longest life expectancy. If you're waiting for the sweet release from warm ocean breezes and Rainbow Neck, you're out of luck. It'll be a while.


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Hawaii gets a bad rap for shark attacks , but that doesn't mean you should be scared to get in the ocean see: coconuts. Avoid swimming when the water is murky or around any kind of water runoff, as this attracts little fish, which attracts big fish. Always swim with a buddy, avoid swimming near fishing boats or spear-fishers and get out of the water if you feel uneasy. Hawaii is a great place for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and plenty of other ocean activities, so take the necessary steps to be cautious and enjoy your time in the ocean.

The toilet and hand-made rock sink in the corner make use of grey water eco-principles by allowing you to wash your hands with fresh water before it goes on to fill the bowl. One of the most fun aspects of this property is that it allows you the opportunity to experience true off-grid living without sacrificing any of the comforts of normal life.

Natural lighting, solar power and rain water catchment are the three principles that have been integrated into this tree top design, making it almost like a living organism itself. The beauty of this high flying haven is in the details. I spent the better part of three months personally constructing the building as well as the accessories inside. My goal was to create a customized and secluded space for your occasion.

The chandelier, hanging lights, port-hole windows, rock sink and platform bed were all DIY projects that I specifically created to enhance your experience. The bamboo pillars that 'support' the lanai and the moss carpet under the hanging bed were harvested from local areas on the Big Island. I'm not mad at you.

But please read this entire section before making a reservation. As lush and inviting as the Dreamy Tropical Treehouse is, there are inevitable 'challenges' that come with staying in an off-grid treehouse in the Hawaiian jungle. My goal is to give you an experience that combines adventure and luxury so I want to make sure that you are aware of the following things: 1.

The treehouse is about feet off the ground and is only accessible by the 'ladder-stairs'. There is a hand railing and none of my visitors have ever had a problem going up and down. There is a pulley system for hoisting up your bags. Only those who believe they are physically capable should book a stay. Just remember to go up and down the stairs facing them The running water comes from the rain falling on the roof and is not treated; therefore, the water is not potable.

I will provide several bottles of drinking water.